Fragile as Smoke

I spent the afternoon this past Friday researching for Spring 2011 at the St. Paul Library’s vast collection of Vogues.  I focused my research on the late 1970s to early 1980s for no particular reason other than not knowing a lot about this era.  It was interesting to see the minimalism of the late 70s start to gradually shift into the 80s maximalism.

My color palette is often inspired from make-up colors and this story from the 1970s “Fragile as Smoke” really caught my eye.

I love how the colors of Mary McFadden’s pleated dresses from the early 80s fit into this color story.  A young Christie Brinkley!

Here is another color story from the 70s called Woods & Straws which adds in clothing and accessories into the assortment of make-up.  Underneath the title it says “to wear with the new brown touched colorings.”  The dress has to be Halston.

I don’t remember who did this suede pullover, but it looks so Claude Montana or Giorgio Armani from the day.  The over-sized envelope clutch with studs from Fendi is killer.

Here is another shot of the suede pullover which looks amazing with the grey wool jersey pant.

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Here are photos from Retrorama, the fashion show I participated in last week at the MN History Center.  We were to create one look inspired by a decade in the 20th Century.  My look was inspired by the 1940’s, leisure and luxury, and a series of fashion sketches from my Aunt Doris of the same era.

I did a cropped jacket with suggested shoulders and triangular seaming.  The fabric is a linen metallic and is fully reversible to a matching plaid in cotton madras.  A geometric navy button completes the look.

The cotton madras short suit features a pleated cross-over halter top and dramatically draped short.  I think I did the era justice, not to mention my Aunt Doris.

Here is my look as styled by Jahna Peloquin, lead stylist for Voltage: Fashion Amplified and fashion editor of L’etoile magazine, to name a few.

Due to sickness and not being able to do a fitting before the show, I had to switch models last minute.  Tearra from Ignite Models Inc., saved the day and I couldn’t imagine anyone else in this look.  She truly evoked the era and looked amazing.

Walking out with Tearra.

A few photo ops with Tearra after the show.

Jahna Peloquin looking fabulous in a look from my Spring 2007 “Grey Gardens” collection.

You can check out additional coverage of Retrorama 2010 here:

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RetroRama Tonight

Don’t forget RetroRama tonight at the Minnesota History Center produced by MNfashion. My design is inspired by the 1940s. There will be two runs of the fashion show at 8 and 9 p.m.

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Highpoint Center for Printmaking

Although I have been a textile designer for years, this is my first attempt at screen-printing. I am taking a class at Highpoint Center for Printmaking with instructor Brian Hartley Sago. It was fun to get off of the computer and get my hands full of paint. I am starting with paper and will begin experimenting on fabric next week. My goal is to eventually print my own textiles in full repeat, but a little at a time. I am very happy with the results so far.

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Voltage Sketches

Here are the original sketches of my garments featured on the runway during the recent Voltage: Fashion Amplified 2010 at First Avenue in Minneapolis.

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Currently Coveting

Found this Louis Vuitton iPad case online and love it! Now I just need an Apple iPad to go along with it. Of course the first app I would get for the iPad is Plants vs. Zombies HD so maybe it’s not the most practical of purchases. This would look good though, displayed on a side table or clutched smartly as I hop into a waiting town car. Oh, and check out the incredible luggage on the Louis Vuitton website! Now I’m ready for a trip…

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Ginny’s for Retrorama

Found some great fabric at Ginny’s Fine Fabrics & Support Group in Downtown Rochester, Minnesota, for the upcoming MNfashion event Retrorama. Ginny’s has long been my favorite fabric store and is a source of encouragement and inspiration.

Ginny showed me this Folkwear pattern featuring Rosie the Riveter which is from the same time period that my Retrorama garment is inspired by.

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RetroRama presented by

Hot on the heals of Voltage: Fashion Amplified 2010 comes another great MNfashion event – Retrorama at the Minnesota History Center.

“Explore the roots of retro glamour at RetroRama! You’ll enjoy a sparkling fashion show inspired by yesteryear’s elegant leisure lifestyles, produced by MNfashion and DJ’d by Jake Rudh.”

The event is presented by and should be a great night of retro-inspired fashion. Get your tickets now!

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MNfashion Week Continues

MNfashion week continues through Sunday. Check out the website for a complete schedule of events.

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l’étoile Magazine Voltage Review

There is a nice review of Voltage by Beth Hammarlund on today’s l’étoile Magazine blog.

Photo by Digital Crush.

“A dramatically-shaped teal frock practically cried out for a turban; it was so deliciously Dynasty.”

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