Fragile as Smoke

I spent the afternoon this past Friday researching for Spring 2011 at the St. Paul Library’s vast collection of Vogues.  I focused my research on the late 1970s to early 1980s for no particular reason other than not knowing a lot about this era.  It was interesting to see the minimalism of the late 70s start to gradually shift into the 80s maximalism.

My color palette is often inspired from make-up colors and this story from the 1970s “Fragile as Smoke” really caught my eye.

I love how the colors of Mary McFadden’s pleated dresses from the early 80s fit into this color story.  A young Christie Brinkley!

Here is another color story from the 70s called Woods & Straws which adds in clothing and accessories into the assortment of make-up.  Underneath the title it says “to wear with the new brown touched colorings.”  The dress has to be Halston.

I don’t remember who did this suede pullover, but it looks so Claude Montana or Giorgio Armani from the day.  The over-sized envelope clutch with studs from Fendi is killer.

Here is another shot of the suede pullover which looks amazing with the grey wool jersey pant.

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