Paper and Cloth 1

Without showing too much, I am going to be posting progress photos of my Spring 2010 line for the Voltage: Fashion Amplified Show April 16 and MNfashion week April 19-25. I am really happy with how everything is turning out and that 3 of my 8 looks are complete thanks in part to the MNfashion buyer event last Tuesday. I am planning to get all 8 looks done at the end of the month. Orders have been coming in, so the month of March shall be just as busy. Before the show in early April, I will be having my collection photographed by the extremely talented Stephanie Hynes and a new will debut before Voltage and Fashion Week. Would love to show you sketches and finished pieces, but you will have to wait until April! For now, paper and cloth…

Little things thrill me such as the slash and spread method applied to the pattern for this barrel skirt.

I worked on a few different patterns before getting the desired effect. Some turned out quite interesting, like this swirly pattern. Nixed!

This may have been my first attempt. The idea behind the barrel skirt is sewing two opposing circles together to create a rippling circular effect. This one failed as well.

Aha! Now we are getting somewhere. Three’s a charm. I don’t think many people realize or appreciate the work that goes into a garment or collection. I have to as I am absorbed in it 24/7!

Notes of a collection in my William Stout sketchbook from the store Office in Portland. I covet these sketchbooks as much as my other fave the Holbein drawing book available at Wet Paint in St. Paul.

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