Holiday ’09 Continued

With a little less than a week to finish my Holiday collection for the MNfashion pop-up boutique things are going mostly as planned. I feel like my speed has reached an all time peak, and I finally have the time to focus on my art. Now, if my irritable Pfaff sewing machine will cooperate. It has a mind of it’s own lately and will switch stitches as I am sewing, increase speed, or a come to a dead stop. Crossing fingers that a trip to Associated Sewing Saturday will cure it’s ills.

Regardless, I am extremely excited about how well my draped cotton jacquard skirt is turning out.

This is the pattern for the front of the skirt. The top of the pattern with the curving point is the CF which will provide the desired front drape. The waist is on the left of the photo with it’s side seam about half way from CF. The circular cut of the pattern is essential to the drape of the garment.

Here is the initial drape pinned to the form once the pattern is cut. It is refreshing to work with a cotton for a change, as I tend to favor silk for draped garments. Luckily, the cotton is lightweight and drapes well.

Here is the near completed skirt. I only have the front/back hem to finish and to sew a couple hook and eye closures. I am impressed with how the draping and construction of the skirt executed.

This is the back of the skirt which has variegated pleating. You can see a bit of the front drape from the back. I keep changing my mind with each project, but right now this skirt is my favorite piece in the collection.

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  1. christinesimeone1 says:

    Absolutely Outstanding! Fantasticely Lovely!

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