Fashion 2001

Fashion 2001

I was recently paging through an old book entitled “Fashion 2001″ by Lucille Khornak.” The book was published in 1982 and I bought it several years ago at a used book store on a whim. It was really humorous to me when I bought it because we had already reached the great 2001. Unfortunately, the future is not an elaborate Dynasty set at some space aged masquerade ball as the book would make it appear.

However, some ideas presented in the book have been tried or adapted in some form. Jean Paul Gaultier claimed we would all be spraying our clothing on like hair spray. Maybe for the fetishist with liquid latex, but hardly a mainstream idea today. Others spoke of the importance of activewear and t-shirt dressing which is of course right on. Jean Claude De Luca showed a jacket with a music player embedded into it which Apple and Nike have accomplished. However, his version was a cassette player and inflatable!

So maybe this book isn’t a great resource for the future of fashion, but as a look back into early 1980’s Couture it is very inspiring and right on trend. You can see many current designer’s referring to the era in recent runway collections and designers such as Thierry Mugler, Claude Montana and Azzedine Alaia getting some attention again.

These scalloped edges remind me of the recent Spring/Summer 2009 runways, specifically Christopher Kane’s.

The Devoré heart printed fabric and colors are very Marc Jacob’s S/S ’09! Notice the ghost of Andy Warhol in the background? Well, I guess he was still living in 1982.

This is reminding me of something that I cannot put my finger on. I actually love the airbrushed parrot. Very Blanche Devereaux.

One designer, Mary McFadden you never hear about anymore. The high priestess of pleats. I would love to see a comeback of her work. These colors are so gorgeous and pure 80’s Couture! It makes me want to go lie in a desert.

Skip the Spock hair and that torture device of a chair, but I adore the HUGE padded shoulders. The photo wasn’t credited, but I would bet money it is Claude Montana.

Ground Control to Major Tom?

Great triangular cowl shoulders and hips. Two looks I have tried, but in separate pieces and in a much more drapey silk.

I love this jumpsuit and the return of them. This one is Bill Gibb who has also been making a comeback.

This concept of buying tubes of knitted fabric and cutting out the pre-seamed and marked garments by Scott Barrie reminds me of Issey Miyake’s APOC collection. I have a piece from this collection and debated for days on weather to actually cut it out or keep it in tact. I finally decided to cut it out and it’s such an amazing piece. I kept all of the scraps and instructions, but I am sure if this is ever a collector’s item the value has been decreased. Oh well, It was so much fun cutting out and wearing with HUGE black palazzo pants!

If this isn’t straight out of Alexis Carrington’s condo, I don’t know what is.

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4 Responses to Fashion 2001

  1. maria suzanne says:

    It looks more like a prediction for 1991.

  2. George Moskal says:

    I know! It’s similar to when they try to make movies set in the future. They always look like the decade they were produced in. I think the only movie that still looks modern and I want life to be like this is 2001: A Space Odyssey. There are parts that look really 60’s, but it has really aged well and still inspires many designers and artists.

  3. Stacia says:

    The pleats reminded me of a window dressing I saw at Banana recently – I loved the pleated skirts which I never would have thought I’d say!

  4. Jahna Peloquin says:

    Amazing post!

    (Oops I meant this one.)

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